Edutainment 3D Adventure Games

"TrueRenaissance History of Science Game"

This game (2019) takes us back to Alexandria in Hellenic Egypt, 240 B. C. Code is fully formatted as well as commented. Compile it, according to the file COMPILE.TXT contained. There, you find all information on the free compiler and its free tools as e. g. OpenGL. You can even start game AND compiler with wine under linux or Mac OS. Here are some screenshots:




"Perspektivische Simulation von Edo"

This jar executable is a little 3D edutainment game (2014) simulating the ancient town of Edo. For the graphics, only woodblock prints by Andou Hiroshige have been used. If one doesn't press a key, the screen always displays something like a woodblock print. The goal is to help Ajima squaring the circle. (Screen text in German only; source code contained)

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